Why are we are offering FREE Accommodation listings during our last phase of designing, creating content, translating the user interface in 4 languages and interacting with short term rental property owners and guests?

This month we will have finalised our BETA Test for last month's new modules. From here on, we will be concentrating on our Short Term Vacation Rental Owners Portal’s design and content and through with this by the end of 2018.

Short term rentals

We will be experimenting/applying, similarly to a feasibility study, new marketing strategies and discover what works or doesn’t, for our Vacation Rentals by Owners' (VRBO) community, in what we believe to be an outdated short term rental industry’s business model. So join our community, in this "flight" to make everyone's holiday cheaper!

Commissions paid by the hospitality sector to online travel agents (OTAs) and the Vacation Home Rental Owners’ service providers is based on an old business model. The intermediary agent charges a guest and Short Term Rental Owner, a service fee that can be as low 3% for the guest. Whatever the total amount, it’s added to the nightly rate and the guest always pays the total and that generally 10, 12, 15% upward to 25% and more.

We provide direct contact between guest/traveller and short term rental owners thus, eliminating the intermediary, free of commission and service charges. We charge the holiday letting owner only a one off small flat booking fee of €10 whatever the length of stay or amount. Not chargeable until we have finalised our last test phase.

🌴 🌊 🐬 🏄 🏡 ✈ ⛵ 🚤 📷 🐍 🏂 🎋 🌍 🏊 🏠 🚢 🚤 🚣 ✈ 🚁 🚅 🚕 🚡 🚵 👣 🏂

👉 When you register your vacation rental(s) with us we provide you, by default, five vacation rental listings *

👉 NO subscription fees for 12 months, ** no commissions, no service charge to either party, but a one off flat booking fee to vacation rental owner of €10 per booking, independent of the booking value.

👉 Full instant direct payment *** to vacation rental owner, with NO intermediary payment service from listing website. 

* Interesting for vacation rental property managers or vacation rental owners that have more than one property.

** After 12 months trial period, € 40 per property.

*** After verification of vacation rental owner’s identity, through a one off, non-refundable verification fee of € 1 (one only) to listing web site. If the identity of vacation rental owner cannot be verified through PayPal, then a 25% non-refundable “deposit” (security for travellers/guests) for the booking, is held by vacation rental owner’s listing website, and released no later than 3 working days, after travellers’/guests’ contractual arrival date upon which the balance due is paid to vacation rental owner on arrival. On a no show, vacation rental owner receives funds as cancellation fee.

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