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👉 When you register your vacation rental(s) with us we provide you, by default, five vacation rental listings *

👉 NO subscription fees for 12 months, ** no commissions, no service charge to either party, but a one off flat booking fee to vacation rental owner of €10 per booking, independent of the booking value.

👉 Full instant direct payment *** to vacation rental owner, with NO intermediary payment service from listing website. 

* Interesting for vacation rental property managers or vacation rental owners that have more than one property.

** After 12 months trial period, € 40 per property.

*** After verification of vacation rental owner’s identity, through a one off, non-refundable verification fee of € 1 (one only) to listing web site. If the identity of vacation rental owner cannot be verified through PayPal, then a 25% non-refundable “deposit” (security for travellers/guests) for the booking, is held by vacation rental owner’s listing website, and released no later than 3 working days, after travellers’/guests’ contractual arrival date upon which the balance due is paid to vacation rental owner on arrival. On a no show, vacation rental owner receives funds as cancellation fee.

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