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These photos in colour, black and white are views from Labourdonnais Hotel in Mauritius' terrace restaurant in Caudan. They have been modified/enhanced digitally. Just to be a little bit different.

Labourdonnais Hotel is situated in Caudan Waterfront (Commercial Centre) Port Louis and offers numerous cafe and pubs, restaurants in the food court as well as boutiques, mainly for the tourists in Mauritius. You will find amongst others the Blue Penny Museum, Casino, Artist's Corner and the Star Cinema Complex.  

It would take you up to 1 hour to walk through the Caudan Waterfront excluding the casino and restaurants and hotels. There are two main hotels at the Caudan Waterfront: Le Suffren Hotel and Marina and Labourdonnais Hotel owned by the same group.

Parking is available and if you intend to spend a day there i.e. 7 - 8 hours then your parking will cost you about Eur 10. This taken into account it would be cheaper to hire a taxi from 09.00 to 17.00hrs for about Eur 50. can provide you a list of taxis that we endorse, just contact us for more information.

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