Free vacation rental listings. No fees. No commissions. Direct instant payment from guests.

Free vacation rental listings. No fees. No commissions. Direct instant payment from guests.

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Foreigners with or without permanent residence may acquire this freehold beach property in Mauritius.

List your vacation rental free of charge with us and avoid paying commissions!

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wwwdotgotodotmu global vacation rental listing web site is an online magazine with a mission to publishing good objective quality editorial content.

Most of the editorial content is mainly contributed from photos and text provided by vacation rental owners and we reward them, in consequence for quality editorial content with FREE listings. They are the "editors" and we are the publisher.

As a global platform, wwwdotgotodotmu is challenged competing with thousands of vacation rental listing web sites. We do differ to most and are probably unique in our marketing and editorial strategy.

Our revenue stream is generated through advertising and a one off €10 flat booking fee IF bookings are processed through our platform. Booking fee NOT compulsory if guests book directly with vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents.

This permits us to:

  • Take NO listing fees for unlimited period subject to listing policy.
  • Take NO commissions . NEVER!
  • Provide direct instant payment from guests to vacation rental owners.

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5 vacation rental listings FREE of charge worth €2,500

Vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents, on registration, are provided by default 5 vacation rental listings FREE of charge worth €2,500, for a complete year and renewable for a further year free of charge subject to our FREE yearly renewal policy .

No commissions or listing fees

Because we don't charge commissions, this permits Vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents to pass on their savings to their guests in way of additional FREE services.

Don't lower nightly rate

We would NOT recommend lowering the nightly rate, through the savings made but to offer freebies to guests, e.g. welcome pack, a free excursion, free transfer etc. The list is long and there is no lack of marketing ideas. In this way, the nightly rate would be the same across vacation listing websites like AirBnB and , to name a couple that may also be listing the same vacation rental.

Add-on module

In our powerful Add-on module, you can add any service as optional, mandatory or informative. These services can be, as an idea free of charge for the guest. See Add-ons .

NOTE: Other "free" vacation rental listing websites charge up to €500 per vacation home listing.

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FREE marketing support to promote new vacation rental listings we offer:

  • Free vacation rental marketing support.
  • Search engine optimise (SEO) your listing(s) on search engines. Through near on 20 years of SEO expertise we generate substantial direct 1st audience traffic to your listing(s).
  • Translate your listing into 4 languages. Our default language is English, and we translate to French, German, Russian and Spanish.
    As of 2019 we will be translating all vacation rental listings that have a 90% completion rate.
  • Publication of up to 10 authentic reviews for a vacation rental provided by the vacation rental owner, property management company or agent once the listing is published. These are set up manually by our admin and are subject to authenticity.
  • Assistance in setting up an "Early Bird" to generate instant cash flow.
  • Launch a paid advertising campaign throughout our social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Steemit so as to provide external exposure to their vacation rentals on wwwdotgotodotmu.
  • 28 days of featured and highlighted listing worth €56.  Search Positioning
  • €336 credited to account. This permits the vacation rental owner to feature and highlight vacation rental listing for 168 days.
    • NOTE: Highlighted and Featured listings are charged at ONLY €1 per day, minimum 7 days.


  • Minimum of one vacation rental listing out of the five provided published within 7 days of registering.
  • Listing must have a 90% completion rate.
  • Listing must have at least 10 photos.
  • Listing must have at least 200-word description of vacation rental.
  • Contact Us within 7 days to validate offer.

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FREE vacation rental listings renewal policy

To be eligible for a Free renewal listing for vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents, they must within 12 months:

  • Publish minimum 20 photos per active vacation rental listing.
  • Publish one 3-minute video of their vacation rental. Simply walk around their vacation rental property and film inside and out, as simple as that.
  • Update their booking Calendar as soon as they have processed a booking through another source. If booking is processed through us, it will automatically update the booking calendar. To process a booking on wwwdotgotodotmu is not compulsory.  Reservation Management Tools
  • Have processed minimum one booking through wwwdotgotodotmu.
  • Have obtained at least one review from a guest who booked through wwwdotgotodotmu.
  • Become a verified vacation rental owner.
  • Produce a copy of their license to operate as a vacation rental as per the laws of their respective countries.
    • In our next version of our website we will be adding this field and information will be visible to guests - release end of 2019.
  • Provide a 2,500-word description of their vacation rental listing and destination. See Skiathos vacation rental as example .

NOTE: Over the years to come and to reward vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents for their loyalty and quality editorial content, we'll extend their free listings by twice the time period of the preceding renewal e.g. 2 years, 4 years, 8 years and so on. Basically unlimited.

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wwwdotgotodotmu understands vacation rental owners' needs

Having owned and managed vacation rentals and working with major listing web sites for over 12 years, we always found it frustrating that payments would NOT be released, by some of the vacation rental listing web sites until the guest arrives.  The Difference

Generally, listing "free of charge" vacation rentals these are subject to a commission that can reach up to 25% and more. These are the vacation rental websites that will only release funds when guests arrive, under the pretext that they are protecting the guests against fraudulent vacation rental listings. See article: vacation rental SCAMS .

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Creating cash flow for Vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents

Vacation rental owners get paid instantly on wwwdotgotodotmu.

Transition from another vacation rental listing website to wwwdotgotodotmu create instant cash flow using "Early Bird" promotions on wwwdotgotodotmu.

As an example, let's assume that the vacation rental's current basic nightly rate is €100. The vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents can set up an "Early Bird" promotion on our web site, offering:

  • 20% discounted nightly rate.
  • Non-refundable 100% upfront payment for bookings one year in advance and more.
  • Value for money.

Vacation rental owners, property management companies or agents would generate substantial cash in hand. (More on this in another article coming soon.)

Instant cash flow to advertise the vacation rental home

As opposed to other vacation rental websites, we offer vacation rental owners an easy solution to ease their cash flow and generate revenue to advertise.

For every €100 you receive 1 year in advance, you use 5% of that revenue to invest and advertise on social media marketing platforms such Facebook and the likes of notwithstanding Google Ads. This marketing strategy, amongst others, worked very well for us on vacation rental listing websites that did not withhold payment, and for that reason we have provided this feature where you are able to apply this strategy in your marketing plan.

Imagine working on other listing websites with "Early Bird" promotions, it would NOT exactly ease cash flow IF payment is ONLY made when the guest arrives.

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