Which keywords do travellers use to book directly with Mauritius accommodation owners?

If holiday makers travelling to Mauritius book directly with Mauritius Accommodation owners, they would make a substantial saving of up to 30% and more, on their nightly rate.

The first thing we had to do, was to do some keyword research. This video was very helpful, although made back in 2011, there are a lot of resources which we discovered e.g. Ubersuggest , a tool to research the keywords you are targetting with respective suggestions.


We have listed, using Google search, listing results for different keywords. 

See links below for different keywords used:

This keyphrase only generates 40 searches worldwide per month.

Alquileres de vacaciones en Mauricio

Airbnb Mauritius generates 2,900 searches worldwide

Free Accommodation Listings

See also article "  Improving Your Holiday Lettings' Listings  " where we discuss, amongst others, keywords used from different worldwide markets.