Vacation rental owners can use our add-on module to generate additional revenue.

This can be applied on either third party services, or services offered by the owner.

Using our add-on module for third part services.

As an example for third party services, you can offer a car rental to your nightly rate, a yacht charter, an excursion, a sightseeing tour, restaurant vouchers, golfing etc.. In essence, you resell the services from third parties and obtain an agreed commission.

Using it for your own services.

Alternatively, you can use the add-on module for your own services. Strip all services in consequence your nightly rate to the lowest nightly rate, without all the extras and make guests pay only for what they need or consume e.g. no daily cleaning, no daily bed sheet change, no onsite cooking provided, no airport transfer etc. These can be added as optional to the guest who could pay at time of booking or on arrival, whatever works better for you.

For electricity.

Let's take another example, electricity. You could use the add-on module to show that you invoice electricity separately at xxx USD per kVA and set it as compulsory and payable on departure. This is then visible to guests as they process their booking through our website. You would obviously have to have a meter that the guests signs off on arrival and departure. You may request an energy  deposit on arrival.

In this case, you don't want to add a margin on top. The benefit as such are clear, the guest does not abuse the use of the air-conditioning by leaving the windows and doors open, and the compressor will last much longer. In this case you would be making substantial long term savings on maintenance and hardware.

Vacation rental owners have to invest to acquire clients.

To acquire a booking costs vacation rental owners substantial marketing fees. With our add-on module, vacation rental owners are able to offer additional services to their guests and create additional revenue through third party services.

If you know what third party services your guest are likely to need, over and above your vacation rental, you could generate a daily revenue that could exceed your nightly revenue obtained from your vacation rental and that through commission. Should you need support on how to conceptionally apply this, don't hesitate to contact our support as detailed in our email registration confirmation.

This yields a higher return on your marketing investment, using other people's capital.

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  • Add-on type: The choice is mandatory, optional or informative

  • Multi-lingual: Your add-on titles may be set up in multi languages

Using our Add-on module for vacation rental owners

Fig. 2

  • Add-on price: The price field allows fixed or % prices e.g. fixed "200" e.g. percent "20%" of the vacation rental's nightly rate.
    Note: Fixed or percentage rate will be based on your nightly rate's currency rate.

Using our Add-on module for vacation rental owners

Fig 3.

  • Charge type: Here you have the option to charge a one off fee per person or a one off fee, a daily, weekly or monthly fee per person or a one off daily, weekly or monthly fee.

  • Active Add-on: You may activate or deactivate your add-on anytime.

Using our Add-on module for vacation rental owners


Join the conversation on how to use our Add-on module

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