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Food deliveries Mauritius take aways for vacation rentals Mauritius

Jan 6, 2018

Have you rented a vacation rental in Mauritius, for your holidays?

Then you may want to use a food delivery services in Mauritius.

Food delivery in Mauritius is still in its "infancy". On-line food delivery services in Mauritius like ordermanzer.mu (French UI ordermanzer.mu) do not yet offer home delivery throughout Mauritius. Here is a list of Restaurants in Mauritius that do offer home delivery to your vacation rental, with a delivery surcharge.

Take aways in Mauritus: You may be able to pre-order and take away your order with some restaurants, you can try the Mauritius Restaurant guide to consult most good restaurants in Mauritius.

Check list of National Public holidays of Mauritius in 2018: Give the respective restaurant a call and make a reservation for public holidays.
Peak season in Mauritius.

Read "Prices for eating out in Mauritius" by Nora Gobish covers, amongst others:

  • Dining out Possibilities in Mauritius
  • Mauritius “Street” Food
  • Fast Food & Chinese Restaurants
  • Mauritius Mid-Range Restaurants
  • Mauritius High-End Dining.

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