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Vacation Rental guests book direct with owners

Once you have registered as a guest you will have direct contact with the owner or property management company, if they have been certified as verified.

Our objectives: To provide you value for money and secure effected payments!

The advantages of booking directly with the vacation rental owner

Scroll down to see how to negotiate the best nightly rate for your vacation rental, amongst a lot of other points, before booking through us or any other website.

Fraudulent vacation rentals

To avoid fraudulent listings, if the vacation rental owner is not yet verified by us, then you only effect a 25% deposit which we hold until 3 days after your arrival.

On arrival, you pay the balance directly to the vacation owner or property management company.

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Cheaper nightly rates?

Vacation rental owners do not pay commission or listing fees but just a small one off processing fee of € 10, what ever the booking amount.Check out our FREE vacation rental listings renewal policy .

Savings made by the vacation rental owner

It is up to the owner to decide whether they pass on those savings onto the guest or provide optional free services during the booking process by using our Add-on module .

NOTE: When the owner list their vacation rental with us, they can save up to 25% and more in commissions payable to AirBnB , to name a couple.

Special promotions and rates

The hospitality industry (hotels) and less so the vacation rental industry offer all types of promotions heavily discounted, the most common being:

  • Last minute bookings
  • Early Birds
  • 5 Nights = 7
  • Low season rates
  • Long stay rates
  • Yield management

Our favourite is the "Early Bird" promotion. This type of promotion are bookings for:

  • 3 months before arrival - 5% discount
  • 6 months before arrival - 10% discount
  • 1 year and more before arrival- 20% discount

Note: The discounts are what we would recommend.

If the owner uses our features to the fullest extent, they may set up these promotional rates and discounts through their dashboard.

Vacation rental owners marketing constraints and knowledge

Guests booking vacation rentals are not necessarily dealing with hospitality marketing experts and therefore this knowledge has to be acquired through trial and error. This said, some property management companies apply knowledge gained from the hospitality industry and apply them in this ever expanding vacation rental industry.

How we see the vacation rental industry growing on our platform - Vacation rental rates.

The rate paid for staying in a vacation rental is generally determined by the vacation rental rate, i.e. the rate paid for staying each night spent in a vacation rental. The basic vacation rental rate usually does not include anything but accommodation i.e. self-catering. Although unusual, and generally offered with serviced vacation rentals, meals are not included and usually incur extra charges. Use of some of the vacation rental facilities, if it is a vacation rental residence managed by property managers, might also not be free for the guests. It is good to make sure what is included in the rate and what are the chargeable extras before booking.

Vacation rentals usually have a standard rate called the " rack rate" (standard rate) . The rack rate is usually the highest rate the vacation rental would charge for the vacation rental, as it is often required by legal restrictions. There are usually many rates one can pay for a given night that are lower than the rack rate, and the value of the rate depends on a number of factors. Knowing how a vacation rental owner may set their offered rates can help you book your desired vacation rental cheaper.

Some of the factors that can influence the value of the nightly rate:

  1. "Early Birds" - Advance bookings offer special, lower rates and are often available when booking in advance. Vacation rentals are very interested in having as many nights booked as possible at an early stage, so as to manage their occupancy better. The best rates are usually offered when booking 3 months or more in advance, but even if you were booking a few weeks in advance you would often obtain a better rate than the rack rate, i.e. knocking at the door the day you arrive.
  2. Cancellation   - most vacation rental bookings can be cancelled 3 months before arrival, and even less without penalties, so the vacation rental owner takes the risks of keeping the property for you if you cancel it at the last minute. If you choose a rate that does not allow that , it would usually be lower, but you risk losing money if your plans need to change.
  3. Advance payment - you will usually settle full amount for your vacation rental stay latest on arrival but generally speaking, you are required to pay 100% upfront with major on-line travel operators like AirBnB. If you book directly with vacation rental owners you may obtain better payment terms. Some very attractive rates require you to pay full amount way in advance and not refundable.
  4. Seasonality - most destinations usually have a high season for tourism, when staying there is deemed more desirable, so the rates will be higher then. It is usually dependent on weather conditions. Most destinations will see more tourists arriving in warmer months, except for skiing destinations, when months with good snow cover will attract most guests.
  5. Special events - There are also some happenings during the year, such as holidays, feasts or special events (e.g. prominent football matches, concerts, festivals) that may affect demand and rates. For business destinations, trade fairs often rack up the rates considerably. If you do not intend to participate in those events, make sure you check the calendar of planned events at your destination and avoid them so as to avoid increased rates.

This structured marketing knowledge is not privy to small vacation rental owners that only administrate one home. Major on-line travel agencies like AirBnB have no incentive to "educate" the individual owners because their business model is based on commission. The higher the nightly rate, the more revenue for them and to the guest's detriment.

How to book through us your vacation rental for your next holiday?

It is so easy to find and book your next vacation rental for your holidays with owners directly.


  • Input the country's destination where you want to go.
  • Input the date of arrival and departure to display availability and quote/rates. If your travel dates are not yet available, then search and browse all short term rentals in the destination you wish to travel to and spend your holidays or contact the owners directly.
  • Use search filters to obtain a precise search result.

Account Features

  • Save your favourites' vacation rentals and share them with your friends and family.
  • Have direct contact with owners and chat with them when they are on-line.
  • Monitor all your in and outgoing messages from respective owners.
  • Monitor and manage all your booking information in one centralised area.

Ready to book your stay?

Once you find the vacation rental of your choice, you may ask the owner or management company questions before booking directly.

It’s easy to book online. Listings that have a “Calculate” button permits you to submit an instant booking request. Some property owners or agents/managers may not accept online bookings, then you will need to contact them directly, by clicking the "contact" button i.e. their contact form, to finalise your reservation.

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Do you have questions about a specific vacation rental property?

Vacation rental owners, agents and managers will be happy to answer any questions directly which you prior to and after booking right up to your arrival.



Vacation rental reviews is an important decision making process for the guest to book.

Any reviews on our website have either been sent to us by the owner or processed by a guest after they leave their booked vacation rental.

If the owner has sent us the reviews to enter manually, we will state so.The reviews sent to us by the owner, have to be from from a source like AirBnB, etc. The owner has to provide us links to the reviews and we take the latest 10 reviews to enter manually.

Why book through us?

One would think that big on-line travel operators would be more seductive, stop and read the difference .


It’s now easier than ever to plan and book your vacation rental with owners directly! Communicate with owner before making your final decision.

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Vacation rental owners tips

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