Frequently Asked Questions for short term rentals - Traveller/Guest

Q: Why are you called Go To Mauritius and yet you are a worldwide platform?
A: See our article: Vacation Rentals Owners Direct (Why do we call it Go To Mauritius?) .

Q: How do I know that the accommodation I am booking is not fraudulent?
A: All short term rental owners and agent are verified through a rigorous procedure implemented by wwwdotgotdotmu.

Q: How does wwwdotgotdotmu process my 25% deposit payment for the short term rental owner?
A: Once you effect your 25% deposit to wwwdotgotdotmu, this is kept by us in an ESCROW account and is paid to the short term rental owner 3 working days after your departure.

Q: How do I pay the balance to the short term rental owner?
A: You pay this on arrival or as per agreement between you and the owner.

Q: How does wwwdotgotdotmu process my security deposit ?
A: wwwdotgotdotmu retains the deposit in an ESCROW account and is refunded to you 14 days after your departure, subject to everything being in order.

Q: What does “Verified User” mean on your listings?
A: This means, that we have verified the short term rental owner's credentials and have established it to be a legitimate registered address and short term rental business.

Q: Why do I see on some short term rental owner’s property with telephone numbers and not with others?
A: The direct contact may not be available for that listing, in that case you would process through our service.

Q: Do you have any hidden service charges?
A: No service fees to you, the traveller/guest. We only charge a small €10 flat booking fee to the owner whatever the amount.

Q: What methods of payments do you offer?
A: For the time being only PayPal and bank transfer.

Register as Guest / Renter: If you want to have direct contact with a short term rental owner. Pay less for your holidays. ;)

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