Improving Your Holiday Lettings' Listings

20 years ago, we pioneered the Holiday Letting industry in Mauritius, through the Mauritius Yellow Pages which we no longer own. Throughout these years we worked with numerous listing or OTA (Online-Travel Agent) websites, like our portal, to fine tune the process where we achieved a 92% annual occupational rate (2015), with short term rental properties in Mauritius. It also helped us reach, through yield management, an effective 467% annual occupational rate.

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We are one of two companies in Mauritius who achieved, with a leading OTA, the best review rating for the whole of Mauritius: namely a 9.3 over 10 jointly with the leading group of hotels in Mauritius; Beachcomber… Enough from the “self-glorification”.

As you can well appreciate, it is essential for wwwdotgotodotmu to assist short term rental owners (hosts) like you, in fructifying your hard work, preparing your listing and convert into paid bookings.

We would like to share with you all the strategies that have worked for us in the last 20 years, listing on websites, like our portal, and that from the vacation rental owner’s perspective.

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Vacation rentals with owners direct


Part 1: Copywriting your holiday letting's description