How much do I have to transfer per year to retire in Mauritius?

How much do I have to transfer per year to retire in Mauritius?

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Foreigners with or without permanent residence may acquire this freehold beach property in Mauritius.

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Foreigners retiring in Mauritius are misinformed

Unfortunate as it may be, most foreigners looking to retire, are told or understand that they have to transfer to Mauritius a minimum of USD 30,000 per year, for 3 years, to obtain a 3 year retirement permit.

Ask yourself the following question:
"Retire in Mauritius for 3 years only? On renewal of my retirement permit, it will only be extended another 3 years?" You may well say: "Forget it!", right?

Can one presume, that this is not conducive to "seducing" foreigners to retire in Mauritius? On a 3 year renewal basis!

Foreigners wanting to retire in Mauritius may obtain permanent residence

What if you were able to obtain your retirement permit for 3 years and on renewal you were granted a permanent residence (10 years at a time)? Would that change your mind set? Would you then decide to retire in Mauritius?

USD 30,000 or USD 40,000?

The law clearly states that if you transfer USD 40,000 per year, instead of USD 30,000, then on renewal of your 3 year retirement permit, you would be able to renew for a further 10 years in consequence your permanent residence in Mauritius .

For further information: See our article about obtaining  permanent residence in Mauritius.


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