Go To Mauritius vacation rental portal for owners direct

Why Go To Mauritius?

The idea is to promote Mauritius as travelers book vacation rentals worldwide on Go To Mauritius.

Over the last 22 years we have been involved in tourism in Mauritius, amongst others, and pioneered the vacation rental industry in 1996, through the Mauritius Yellow Pages www.yellow.mu and www.accommodation.io two of 629 web sites we developed over 13 years, we owned and sold the complete network, with hosting and call center in 2009.

In this 13-year period we expanded from a virtual network in the Indian Ocean, into a DMC (Destination Management Company), Tour Operator and receptive, property management in the Mauritian tourism industry and became property owners, renting to tourists vacation homes in Mauritius.

As property owners, we worked with the major On-Line Travel Agents (OTAs) from 2004 until 2016 and paid substantial commissions ranging from 12% to 25% plus credit card fees.

Vacation rentals with owners direct

Chronological events and reasons why we called our vacation rentals portal for owners direct "Go To Mauritius".

  • In 2010 we had a vision; expand our business into real estate in Mauritius and build our own real estate project over a 15-year period, targeting the ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) worldwide i.e. the USD billionaires , to cater for their needs in Mauritius and “seduce” them to invest in Mauritius .
  • In 2010 we started our feasibility study, now in its final stage (2018), which has taken us near on 8 years to identify 4,374 target objectives with near on 70,000 respective related target conflicts.
  • One of many target objectives we identified, was the need to create our “own” worldwide OTA platform, to provide our guests the best value for money i.e. bookings which are not subject to the “abusive commissions” that OTAs worldwide take from owners/hosts and passed onto the guest. In this way we would eliminate the “intermediary”.
  • This target objective has to date, 2, 883 associated target conflicts, not exhaustive as we progress with the ongoing project management and further development of our vacation rental “portal” for owners direct. We are still identifying new conflicts on a weekly basis, which are being protocoled as we proceed in implementing this 1 st phase out of 4 of our “vision”.
  • To reach ALL our target objectives, we identified that we also had to promote Mauritius in a non-bias and “non-political” strategy, independent of the government operated, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority ( MTPA ) and the private sector's Association of Hoteliers and Restaurants in Mauritius ( AHRIM ).
  • Mauritius is seen as a “luxury brand” in the travel industry and we wanted to capitalise on that.
  • We were wanting to choose a domain name reflecting a worldwide OTA platform, after many weeks we decided with www.goto.mu (Go To Mauritius). We were aware that a domain name like this would be challenging to market worldwide, as a world OTA platform, nevertheless, we decided to go against all odds and innovate. Time (2022) will be our witness, if we made the right choice.
  • In our initial partial study of 2014, we had not foreseen to make www.goto.mu a world platform, however, we quickly realised that we would need third party content i.e. vacation rental listings, in the absence of our project not yet in construction and therefore could not be listed. We made a final decision to convert and make Go To Mauritius a world platform keeping our initial domain name choice www.goto.mu , for diverse reasons that will be clearer as we progress over the next five years leading up to 2022.
  • In 2016 we launched the “Alpha” version of www.mauritius.goto.mu and went live on the internet. Selected vacation rental owners in Mauritius were provided with free lifelong listings for the launch of our Alpha version. In the same year we went “Beta”.
  • In our study we initially wanted to generate listing revenue from owners worldwide, until HomeAway was bought out by Expedia in 2016.
    See our article  How not to Pay the new 10% Traveler Fee to HomeAway/VRBO.
  • We modified our listing concept for vacation home rentals, and offered 1-year free trial, for up to 5 vacation rentals anywhere worldwide.
  • To control the editorial quality i.e. listings, as of October 2017 we reserve the right to extend the 5 one year’s free listing, to a further year and every consecutive year thereafter, on a case to case basis and subject to certain criteria being met, controlled through an internal algorithm we have developed.
    More about this in a separate article. Sign up to our vacation rentals newsletter for owners direct to be notified.
  • Our business model is simple: We offer payable featured and highlighted listings/advertising and a flat one-off booking fee of Euro 10 paid by owners direct, only if guest books through our reservation and payment gateway. In view that vacation rental listings expose owners direct contact details, a guest can choose to bypass our payment gateway, then the flat booking fee is waived for the vacation rental host.
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👉 When you register your vacation rental(s) with us we provide you, by default, five vacation rental listings *

👉 NO subscription fees for 12 months, ** no commissions, no service charge to either party, but a one off flat booking fee to vacation rental owner of €10 per booking, independent of the booking value.

👉 Full instant direct payment *** to vacation rental owner, with NO intermediary payment service from listing website. 

* Interesting for vacation rental property managers or vacation rental owners that have more than one property.

** After 12 months trial period, € 40 per property. Alternatively, lifetime free of charge . See links below.

Free Marketing for Vacation Rental Owners

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*** After verification of vacation rental owner’s identity, through a one off, non-refundable verification fee of € 10 (ten only) to listing web site. If the identity of vacation rental owner cannot be verified through PayPal, then a 25% non-refundable “deposit” (security for travellers/guests) for the booking, is held by vacation rental owner’s listing website, and released no later than 3 working days, after travellers’/guests’ contractual arrival date upon which the balance due is paid to vacation rental owner on arrival. On a no show, vacation rental owner receives 25% funds as cancellation fee.
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