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Help! How to market a villa to rent in Mauritius (Curepipe ) on Steemit

Jun 1, 2018

This is our first time that we are attempting to market  real estate on Steemit , as opposed to vacation rentals.

We have no idea the impact this may have.

We understand Steemit to be more a platform for blogging, in a way is a marketing platform to create revenue, but would this type of post be acceptable to #Steemians or is it frowned upon? If you have any comments on this subject then don't hesitate to post . Thank you. (What is Steemit?)

The following is related to a listing we have on our real estate website.

As extracted from Steemit post:

"Are there any Steemians that have used Steemit to market real estate like I'm attempting to do? If so, was it successful? If not, can anyone explain the pitfalls?

Is it accepted to use #upvoting services for any post on Steemit or is that "frowned" upon? Should #posts be upvoted only on their own merit?

Which #tags should I use for this post and in which order? #steemhelp #steem #help #marketing not one tag here on steemit, nor for any of the following tags #realestatemauritius and #realestate.

When I consult "New" on Steemit I don't see a list like on "Trending. Does anyone agree with me, that the "New" tags should be listed the same way as "Trending" for marketing purposes? If not, why?

Another question on #Steemitcopyright: Am I right to presume that if I upload pictures without #watermarks" that my photos are automatically protected, by being published first, and therefore my photos are recognised to be owned by me, in view that they are uploaded to the#blockchain and the #ledger would be able to track who posted first?

Of course, just by uploading a photo first, would not necessarily mean I'm the #copyrightowner, if I took the photo from another source. How is#copyright protected on Steemit?

So many questions, I know, but any #help from the Steemian community would be greatly appreciated.

What follows are a series of pictures relating to the#villaforrentinmauritius and "brief" description."

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