Holiday Lettings Owner can add-on a car rental or any other services over and above their nightly rate.

As an example, you can add on a car rental to your nightly Holiday Letting's rate. At the end of this page, you will find competitive car rental rates for Mauritius (only), should you wish to use our rates contact us. Alternatively, you may add your own car rental rates.

To acquire a booking costs Holiday Letting owners substantial marketing fees. With our add-on module Holiday Letting owners are able to offer additional services to their guests, such as excursions, daily cleaning, bed and breakfast, airport transfer and a lot of other services. This yields a higher return on their investment.


  • Add-on type: The choice is mandatory, optional or informative

  • Multi-lingual: Your add-on titles may be set up in multi languages

Add-ons to nightly Holiday Lets' rates in percentage or fixed rate

Fig. 2

  • Add-on price: The price field allows fixed or % prices e.g. fixed "200" e.g. percent "20%" of the Holiday Lettings' nightly rate.
    Note: Fixed or percentage rate will be based on your nightly rate's currency rate.

Add-ons to nightly Holiday Lets' rates

Fig 3.

  • Charge type: Here you have the option to charge a one off fee per person or a one off fee, a daily, weekly or monthly fee per person or a one off daily, weekly or monthly fee.

  • Active Ad-on: You may activate or deactivate your add-on anytime.

Add-ons to nightly Holiday Letting rates


Short Term Car Rental Mauritius

You will find below competitive car rental rates

Contact us to check for availability

Model Gear

  Rate/Day Euro 

 Incl. VAT 15% 
Toyota Corolla A53
Toyota Corolla Axio A53
Toyota Belta A46
Toyota Yaris Sedan M46
Honda City A46
Honda Jazz AM46
Honda Fit A46
Suzuki Swift A42
Toyota Yaris M42
Hyundai i20 M42
Toyota Vitz A42
Nissan March A38
Honda Brio A38
Hyundai i10 A38
Hilux 4x4 M95
Hilux 2x4 M84
Toyota Avanza - 7 Seater M57
NV 200 - 7 Seater A76
Kia Carnival - 8 Seater M76
Rav 4 A133

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