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Partnership opportunities for tourism in Uganda

May 19, 2017

This is a tour and travel business company whose major goal and vision is to support the community in Uganda through, agriculture, education, health/sanitation, agro-enterprise projects amongst others.

Partnership and Networking in Uganda.

"Greetings from  Herbert in Uganda, the proprietor of one village tours.

Who is Herbert?

Herbert  Bagyenyi Kajoki  is a male aged 42. Born in the hills of Nyakahita village, Nyabushabi parish  Kyanamira subcounty kabale district south western Uganda – Africa. Herbert is a Rotarian and a member of the rotary international.

In 2012, I went for a tourism training course in  tourism business, tour guiding and tour and travel packaging with a need to start a tour and travel company so that once I get tourists/business, I donate 20% or more depending on the success of the business  to community development projects/ideas as a Rotarian in action. It took me time to startup tour and travel business as legal documentation process was slow in Uganda but later in 2015 achieved this.

What is One village Uganda?

It is a community organisation through which  the travel business supports community. This,  I developed it after realising a need for support and having been born in this community, I found it important to give back to my people as a Rotarian.

Tourism opportunities in Uganda


This is a tour and travel business company whose major goal and vision is to support the community through, agriculture, education, health/sanitation, agro-enterprise projects among others.
This can be done under our core values;  transparency, accountability, equity, integrity and team work.

Our Objectives:

1. To organise trips/tour which would give our clients the possible Africa's experience.

2. To put into practice the request of our clients to arrange some of the best trips in Uganda and Africa.

3. To make sure that our trips /travels are personalised with clients own interest , budget, time frame and other requirements

NOTE: The company donates 20% of profit to the community development project.

When you talk of Uganda in terms of tourism and nature, its like you are mentioning the same thing. Uganda has it all, the snow caped mountains of the moon the Rwenzori, largest lake Victoria in Africa, the mighty River NILE, 10 NATIONAL PARKES AND GAME RESERVES well endowed with wild life species and the western rift valley with its features, agri tourism/community tourism, bird watching, travel volunteer or "voluntourism" etc.  Uganda is simply gifted with nature, bio-diversity, culture and hospitality of its people in the world among others.

Therefore, discovering Uganda’s Tourism and its areas is an imaginable. I may really say Uganda is beautiful no wonder it is  the pearl of Africa.

Where  do I want you to help me on?

1.I need partnership and networking with you in tours for Uganda, tourism product development or DMC or other areas that would make us excel in this partnership.

2. Link us with institutions/universities so that students would dedicate little time with us through volunteer experience, internship and may be on

research that would help us create an impact in our community.

Thank you so much for who you are to me and hope to hear from you sooner

than later.

Rtn.Herbert Bagyenyi Kajoki.


Tel (+256) 772 69 25 69"

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