Improving Your Holiday Lettings' Listings

Part 1: Copywriting your holiday letting's description

Do you believe that your holiday let's description is one of the most important part of your communication for potential guests bookings? Yes? Then this article will help you.

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Invest the time and work

The more time/work you invest in your listing, e.g. good, if possible professional, photos reflecting the true nature of what you are offering, good copy written description which answers Who? Where? Why? What? When? and How? (5 Ws & H), hence precise information, then you will achieve a substantially higher booking conversion rate, way above the industry’s 10% booking conversion average.

Simply said, the more time you invest in your short term rental listing the more bookings you’ll obtain!

Multi-lingual markets

wwwdotgotodotmu being a multi-lingual worldwide vacation rental portal provides you the opportunity of targeting the French, German, Russian and Spanish, for the time being, speaking markets over and above English which is the short term rental portal’s default language.

Drafting your holiday letting's listing description

When copywriting your listing description take your “future” guests’ perspective into consideration.
Ask yourself which keywords/phrases your potential guests would use on search engines like Google, for your listing on our portal, to render in an organic search result within the first page if not first position. Once you have established that, when copywriting your summary and description, integrate the identified keywords/phrases within the text derived from the 5 Ws & H.


As an example: Let us target the English-speaking market. People in the United Kingdom would search for a short term rental with the keywords “Holiday Lettings” or Holiday Lets” so, by using those keywords in your copy written description you would target English speaking people living in the UK however, in the United States they use “Vacation Rentals” so, copy writing using these keywords would attract the United States of America’s (USA) market to your listing on our Portal.

When you register to list your holiday letting on out portal, you are granted five listings * , “too many” you may say, because you only have one “Holiday Letting” to list.

In this case, you could create one listing with the keywords “Holiday Lettings” for the UK market and once completed with the maximum information you could, with our “cloning” feature, duplicate the initial listing, to create a second listing and modify slightly the description using the identified keywords “Vacation Rentals”. This way, although both listings are in English, you would benefit from two different markets namely the UK with the “Holiday Lettings” keywords and the USA with the rest of the world using the keywords “Vacation Rentals”. See the key phrase Аренда отпусков Маврикий.


If you wanted to reach the South African, Australian, Indian and all the English speaking countries i.e. the Commonwealth countries as well as those countries who master English as a second language, namely Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, the list is not exhaustive, to name a couple, the keywords for your vacation home rental may well be different.

The real question is: Which keywords will provide the most visits to your listing?

You can use this browser add-on for Chrome or FireFox. to identify the most used keywords for your holiday letting.
Note: The browser add-on only supports English language keywords. For other languages, it may show that there is no search volume. They do have plans on supporting other languages sometime in the future.

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*   Limited offer during 2018.

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