Why should I list my vacation home rental property with you?

We are convinced, that if you invest just 5 minutes of your time, to read this article right through, your question will be answered and you will register your Short Term Rental worldwide with us.

As many of you can imagine, we imagine, it is very challenging to launch a new worldwide Vacation Home Rental Owners’ Portal. So, we came up with the idea, to use popular, some less popular quotes to make our day just a little bit better. In consequence, we would like to share them with everyone, namely you. The first one hereunder.

Vacation Home Rentals

We are entering this already established “mature” vacation home rental market with numerous challenges ahead! 
We have been working in this industry since 1996, but have grown from the Vacation Home Rental Owners side and not the service provider, this said, we have been offering all types of web hosting services, as an authorized partner solution provider for NTT/Verio, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, copy writing, photography, web site creation (LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) and most internet related services for over 20 years. We can conclude that we understand your needs as a vacation home property owner, would you agree?

One of our many strengths is creating traffic to web sites we publish. Still early days for www.goto.mu, as we take a new and innovative revolutionary marketing approach i.e. “we are breaking the marketing communication rules” and applying totally new marketing strategies, never dared by any of our competitors. The strategy outlined two and half years ago (March 2014), and evolving every month, is extremely confidential. We launched  www.mauritius.goto.mu on 1 st  October 2016 in beta phase after a 7-month intense alpha phase. We have already generated over 4,900 pages likes on FaceBook within a month and some of our posted articles have received over 20,000 likes and more. See for yourself our  FB feed or FB page .  

Our portal has taken the best features from all the short term rentals (Vacation Home Rental Owners) service providers, some of them listed here under, and conceived an easy to use user interface targeted at the 50-year-old plus audience. A lot of these service providers’ web sites were not initially conceived for short term rentals (Vacation Home Rentals) and they are now “cashing in” on that market, which makes their user interface cluttered and difficult for the elder generation, the property owners, to work with. We are striving to provide a short term rental (Vacation Home Rental) owners' portal that will provide everyone the tools they need to succeed with us, and if you are convinced that we deserve your business, you may consider  listing your short term rental  with www.goto.mu or any other service provider you may find links to on our portal.
Once you have published your property(ies) we will promote it, free of charge, and convert your hard work into direct bookings.

Here are some of the major short term rentals service providers, commission and listing based, the list is not exhaustive:  www.agoda.com www.airbnb.com www.atraveo.com www.booking.com www.clickstay.com, www.expedia.com www.flipkey.com www.holidaylettings.co.uk www.homelidays.com  (listing), www.housetrip.com , www.homeaway.com , www.iha.com  (listing), www.tripadvisor.com www.rentalsystems.com ,  www.sunnyrentals.com (DEFUNCT),  www.tripping.com www.vrbo.com  (listing), www.whl.com  and many more, that we will be listing in another article. In the meantime, have a look at Vacation Rentals Mauritius  where we have compiled numerous listings of short term rentals agents and vacation rental by owners.

Most of these short term rentals service providers take commission ranging from 3 to 25%. This said, there are a lot Vacation Home Rental listing service providers who charge exorbitant listing rates and lock you into a one year contract without reassuring you as to whether you have made the right choice. This obviously has an adverse effect on the final nightly rate. Who pays? The holiday maker of course.

We only charge the vacation home rental owner a flat booking fee of Euro 10, whatever the booking amount. If you own a property anywhere, on any of the five beautiful continents, and wish to rent directly with holiday makers worldwide,  upon registration , we will grant you a full year's trial free of charge to list up to 5 listings (properties). Nothing to pay for 1 year, as simple as that! 

Action speaks louder than words: We don't talk, we will show you. So feel free to use our short term rental listing services with a 1 year free trial, and we'll see later for any paid services.

List up to 5 short term rentals for a whole year FREE of charge now.

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