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Vacation Rental Owners Tips #4

Tip #4: Don't oversell your property vacation rental.

The first contact a guest has with a vacation rental owner is more likely than not, through a listing or the owner's website. "A pictures paints a thousand words" is the old saying. So pictures play a role in seducing to read further. If abusively retouched or changed then this is misleading the guest. Just take a good photo.

Here's an article we selected and partially extracted:

Create Strong Photographic Composition Using Framing. 

Tips for using framing

  • Look for ways to shoot through natural frames to highlight your subject. Trees, doorways and windows work well.
  • If you find an interesting subject, photograph it as you normally would first. Then look behind you to see if there is anything that can be used as a frame. Sometimes simply backing up and shooting through the doorway behind you does the trick.
  • Focus on the subject, NOT the foreground element which is the frame. The viewer's eye will go to the sharpest area of the image and you want that to be the subject. You don't want the frame drawing attention, it should support the subject, not take away from it.
  • Make sure the element being used as a frame isn't overly bright. Like sharp focus, brightness also draws the viewer's attention. If you're shooting into a building and using the doorway as a frame – but the outside of the doorway is in sunlight and the inside where you subject is location is much darker – it will not be as effective because the door will stand out more. In such a situation I would suggest just going inside and not including the bright doorway.
  • You must frame SOMETHING INTERESTING! Just because you have a frame in your image doesn't mean it will be a winner. You have to have something worth framing on the other side. You must still have a center of interest – a subject. Framing an empty parking lot with a lovely tree – is still an empty parking lot. Consider if the photo of the subject being framed would be interesting enough on its own first. If it is, then go ahead and frame it. If not – adding a frame will NOT make it more interesting. This is the biggest mistake I see beginners make when attempting to use framing.

See Source text for framing examples . This could also be of interest: 3 Tips to Help You Compose Photos That Don’t Suck

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Tip #4: Don't oversell your property vacation rental

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