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Vacation Rental Owners Tips #5

Tip #5: Offer your guests free transfer to your vacation rental.

Use our Add-on module to offer a free transfer to guests

Vacation rental owners or property management companies should consider providing "free" transfer from airport, train station or harbour to their guests. Vacation rental owners would need to calculate this "free" transfer into their nightly rate, amongst many other costs/overheads factors.

How to use our Addon module

At time of booking on our website, vacation rental owners or property managers can set up the "free" transfer service using the Addon module. 

As seen below, the "free" transfer "Addon type" is only informative to the guest.

Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Free Airport Transfer

Calculate and establish your costs

  1. Let's say that the vacation rental has a minimum 3 night stay and is projecting a 15% net profit after all costs/overheads: The nightly rate is  €100.

  2. After all costs/overheads: advertising, bank loan/mortgage, cleaning on departure, depreciation of assets, maintenance, wear and tear of furniture etc. there is  €15 per night net profit.

  3. A 'free" transfer is provided at a €50 cost factor to the owner, then the owner would be loosing  €5 for a 3 night booking.

  4. It is important to include the "free" transfer cost within your overheads to reach 15% net.

  5. The downside is that the nightly rate may have to increase from  €100 to  €117 per night.

  6. Increasing the nightly rate would make it less competitive to other owners not offering a "free" transfer.

Note: The guest may choose to take a car rental at point of transfer, in this case the "Addon" module would also be used and the "Addon" type would be "Optional". Both options could be "Active"

Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Free Airport Transfer

Using the Addon module permits vacation rental owners or property managers, to keep the nightly rate low and offer services that their guest can afford or wish to use. 

There are 3 Addon type settings: 

  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • Info

There are 8 types of "Charge Type":

  • One time person
  • One time
  • Daily - per person
  • Daily
  • Weekly - per person
  • Weekly
  • Monthly - per person
  • Monthly

Deactivate or activate Addons

The owner may activate or deactivate Addon depending on seasonal and marketing policy.

Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Free Airport Transfer

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Tip #5: Offer your guests free transfer to your vacation rental

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