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The objective here is to provide the vacation rental and property management community, on-going vacation rental tips.

We have created 29 tips (see below), for the time being, to attract the community to share their tips or comment. Travellers/guests perspective and comments to the individual tips would also be appreciated.

Each tip is on an individual page/article, providing a deeper insight to the respective tip. The individual article/editorial will expand as we progress and prepare the 29 different editorials.

Vacation Rental in Tamarin (Mauritus)

We look forward to comments and shared views to the respective tips which will nurture future articles being create and edited and updated regularly. Comments can, if you choose so, be published on Facebook.

With the help of community and not forgetting the most important, the traveller we look forward to growing this community.

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29 vacation rental tips

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Vacation rental owners tips

29 vacation rental tips Tip #1: Keep your property immaculately clean! Works wonders for reviews Tip #2: Take 10 minutes to greet your guests and assess any special needs. Start building that bond Tip #3: Don’t give discounts! Provide your guests with an authentic experience, that they’ll NEVER forget Tip #4: Don't oversell your property vacation rental Tip #5: Offer your guests free transfer to your vacation rental Tip #6: Let your guests arrive as Kings and leave as Emperors Tip #7: Provide your guests with WHITE spotless bath towels Tip #8: Facilitate your guests' expectancies Tip #9: Don't take your guests for a ride Tip #10: Give a free upgrade to your guests Tip #11: Invite your guests for dinner Tip #12: Make sure the bathroom is spotless Tip #13: Limit your time with the opposite sex Tip #14: Assists your guests, however small the gesture Tip #15: Sit and talk with your guests without overstaying Tip #16: Inform your guests the best spots for them Tip #17: Avoid discussing dress code, state in welcome letter Tip #18: Provide your guests with tide times and chart for the duration of their stay Tip #19: Provide your guests a list of local activities and excursion providers. Tip #20: Don't disturb your guest if they are alone. Tip #21: Offer your guests a bottle for no reason. Tip #22: Don't be intimate in front of your guests. Tip #23: Go out of your way, and really surprise your guests. Tip #24: Make sure that your security is flawless. Tip #25: Ask your clients to save water. Bathe together? Tip #26: Clean where the eye can't see Tip #27: Talk to children for constructive criticism Tip #28: Be cautious when providing advice Tip #29: Provide weather forecast in your welcome letter

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