Did you know that you can stay in Mauritius for up to 16 months?

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Foreigners with or without permanent residence may acquire this freehold beach property in Mauritius.

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How you can stay up to 16 months in Mauritius

Tourist Visa

As per the Passport and Immigration office: A tourist visa for Mauritius  may be issued for up to 6 months per calendar year.  

If you enter Mauritius on 1st July you will be granted a 6 month visa.

On 31st of December you fly out to Reunion island and return on 1st January, you will be eligible to another 6 months stay in Mauritius.

Business Visa

After your 2nd 6 month stay expires, you fly out of the country again and return on a business visa (120 days). 

Do I need to apply for a visa before travelling to Mauritius?

Nationals of most countries do not require a visa prior to travelling to Mauritius. The Non-Citizen should hold a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months as from date of arrival, a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to meet the costs of his stay in Mauritius.

Q: I arrived on a tourist visa and want to apply for an Occupation Permit. Can I convert my visa into a business visa?

A: No. It is not possible to convert a tourist visa into a business visa if you intend to apply for an Occupation Permit. You will need to leave the country and reenter under a business visa.

Q: I am from a country where a visa is needed to enter Mauritius. Where do I apply for a visa?

You may submit your application for a visa at a Mauritian embassy or consulate in your country or in the nearest country where there is one. You may also apply at any office of Air Mauritius or directly to the Passport and Immigration Office in Mauritius by post/fax at the following address:-

Passport and Immigration Office
Visa Section
Sterling House
9-11 Lislet Geoffroy Street
Port Louis
Tel:  + (230) 210 93 12
Fax:  + (230) 210 93 22

Q: What is the maximum stay allowed under a visa?

A: A tourist visa may be issued for up to 6 months per calendar year. A business visa may be issued for up to 120 days per calendar year.

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